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 Elusive People

William Davidson

Born 1861 in Scotland he lived most of his adult life in Leicestershire. He owned a number of premises in Leicester including tanneries. Any information about him would be most welcome.
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 Mystery Photos

Sunday 4th August

This photo was found amongst my mother's effects and bears the text "Sunday 4th August - I stole this photograph". Whether the photo was taken (with camera) or stolen (by person) on 4th August we don't know. If anybody can identify this chap please let us know. Most likely years: 1940, 1946, 1957
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Unknown Bowler-hatted Gentleman

This chap features at the front of the Weeks Family Album. Who is he?
Who are these people?

This photograph is part of the Weeks Family Album but the people in it are unknown. Any help in identifying them would be most welcome.
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A woman with a lovely pair ... of dogs!

Can anybody name this person? She features in the Weeks Family Album.
Unknown Gentleman

Who is this dapper chappie with the top-hat?
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Winifred and Kathleen Boxshall

Who are Winifred and Kathleen Boxshall and where do they fit into the Weeks family? Thanks to Eric Marshall from Australia, it turns out that Winifred and Kathleen Boxshall were the daughters of Frank Arkwell Boxshall and Annie Helena Chamberlain who married in 1891, the marriage being registered in Woolwich, London. In 1901 the family were living in Epsom, Surrey and in 1911 Kingston, Surrey. Annie Helena was the sister of Mary Ann Letitia Chamberlain who married Henry Thomas Weeks. The Boxshall sisters are Helen Willliams (nee Lambert) first cousins twice removed.
The Clarke Family, Suffolk

It is believed that the person sitting with the dog on her lap is Mary Clarke (nee Wilson.Ward) and that her daughter Beatrix is the young lady wearing glasses sitting nest to her. If anyone can verify, or dispute, this and/or can add any further information we would be most grateful.